Our Focus

At Mt. Gilead, we believe that core values are crucial in guiding the growth and development of young women in this generation. The decisions they will make in school, at home, amongst friends and ultimately later in life are a reflection of their values and beliefs. Christ-Centered values like love, patience, and encouragement are lived out daily by our staff, setting the atmosphere for acceptance, trust and ultimately growth.

The ultimate goal of Mt. Gilead Camp is to come alongside you, your family, and your church to assist with teaching the core values each young women must learn to make wise, biblically-centered decisions as she grows up in today’s culture. Sometimes young girls need to see God’s love outside of the distractions at school and home, and sometimes they need to hear God’s promises repeated from someone other than a pastor or a parent. We believe that a summer camp is only as good as it’s staff, so we meticulously hand-pick and train the best staff to supervise and mentor our campers. The authentic relationships with our staff and fellow campers, set in the unique and fun context of camp, create an environment ripe for life-changing experiences.

A summer at Mt. Gilead is designed to be a safe place for our campers, a place where girls can just relax and be themselves without worrying about impressing or competing with anyone else. We strongly believe in the benefits of a single gender camping program, since 1953 Mt. Gilead has been serving girls, and will continue to do so for another 65+ years.

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