The 2017 Nicaragua Trip Vlogs

Maddy Introduces CILT and leaves from Massachusetts for Nicaragua.

The team travels to the camp location in Rivas Nicaragua, prepares for the girls to arrive, visits the families at their homes and then camp begins!

The last day of camp wraps up. The team heads out to experience beautiful Nicaragua together before heading home.

We believe that leadership skills are refined through challenging experiences.

The CILT Canoe Trip

Campers in Leadership Training (CILT) is a two-year leadership program designed for girls entering into their final years of high school.

On the first summer of their two-year CILT program, campers embark on a week-long canoe trip down the beautiful Deleware River from the edge of New York to Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Campers must shop and pack for this trip as a team, learn to canoe and navigate the river currents, set up their campsites nightly and cook hot meals over an open fire along the river. This experience is designed to stretch CILTs beyond their comfort zone while giving them the tools and guidance to overcome all of the obstacles along the way.

The International LDT

Our International Leadership Development Trip (LDT) is strategically positioned between our CILT years 1 and 2. On LDT’s students are exposed to global needs and opportunities, while challenging them to live as Christ has called them, both at home and abroad. Campers return from our International LDTs with a greater appreciation for what they have and a better understanding of how they can be used by God.

In the time of life when campers are preparing to leave for college and careers, this type of experience and insight can be life-changing. An LDT is a time of unplugged service, reflection and growth, without the typical distractions at home.

We partner with missionaries and non-profit organizations overseas in order to provide a Christ-centered camping experience for underprivileged girls in their own country. Our summer camp leadership staff facilitate a biblically-based discipleship program for CILTs and will travel with our CILTs on the service trips, mentoring and partnering with them the entire way. CILTs take a leadership role over the camp program’s design and implementation.