More Than Just A Summer Camp. Leadership Development.


Exposing our Campers to International Missions

lrexported-3At Mt. Gilead, we believe that leadership skills are refined through life-changing experiences.

Our core mission at Mt. Gilead is to send out mature Christian women, and we take that mission seriously in all aspects of our programs.

We have our annual winter Leadership Development Trip (LDT) strategically positioned between our summer camp Campers In Leadership Training (CILT) years 1 and 2. We know that serving those less fortunate is not only the lifestyle modeled by Christ, but is also crucial in developing a young person’s walk with the Lord.


At Mt. Gilead Camp, we expose students to global needs and opportunities, while challenging them to live as Christ has called them, both at home and abroad. Campers return from our International LDTs with a greater appreciation for what they have and a better understanding of how they can be used by God. In the time of life when campers are preparing to leave for college or jobs, this type of experience and knowledge can be life changing. An LDT is a time of unplugged service, reflection and growth, without the distractions of texting, phone calls, watching tv or posting to social media.

LDT’s are for girls in our CILT program (campers entering grades 10 – 12.)

Running Camps Internationally

We partner with missionaries and non-profit organizations overseas in order to provide
lrexported-18-croppeda Christ-centered camping experience for underprivileged children, specifically girls.  Our summer camp leadership staff facilitate a biblically based discipleship program for CILTs and will travel with our CILTs on the service trips, mentoring and partnering with them the entire way. CILTs take a leadership role over the camp program’s design and implementation while being guided by staff.

In addition to our CILT campers, we make these international opportunities accessible to our summer camp counselors and partner churches to join with us. LDTs are held either over Christmas school break or over summer break (in August).

Partnering with International Ministries

We use our experience in running camps as a bridge to connect local children in need with established missionaries, ministries and local churches through fun and educational “camp style” programming. LDT’s are typically a week long in length, and the camp is approximately 3 of those days. Camp activities include ESL (English As a Second Language), Science, Arts & Crafts, Singing, Games, Sports, Swimming, Skits, and, of course, Bible! The last day of our LDT is a tourism day– we will explore the country and shop around for a souvenir to bring mom or dad before returning home.