Common Parent Questions

New To Mt. Gilead? Read Our Focus to get a basic understanding of who we are and what we are all about.


Summer Camp will operate at full capacity this coming summer. No social distancing, mask requirements or testing is to be expected.

Top Five Parent Questions

1. What time is drop-off and pick-up?


Check-in is from 3 – 4:30pm on your camper’s Sunday. At that time, you will be able to meet the leadership staff and counselors, your camper will get her cabin assignment, and you’ll get information about the different activities there are to choose from that week.


Pick-up time is at 9:30am on your camper’s last Saturday of camp at the Dining Hall. This is the large, red building that is to the left at the first T-intersection on camp property (where you completed the check-in process on the first day of camp),

2. Can my camper request to stay in a cabin with her friends?

Yes! Every camper can request up to two cabinmates while registering online, assuming that your camper’s friend(s) are in the same age/grade range and also request your camper as well during their own registration process. 

Cabin/counselor assignments are revealed on the first evening of camp (not before).


3. What is your refund policy for cancellations?

All summer camp deposits ($200) are refundable until June 15th, at which point deposits could no longer be refunded. There is no fee for switching camp weeks – assuming the requested week is still available at the time.


4. When does my camper choose her activities?

There are two categories of activities at camp. Activities with fees attached (horsemanship & trips) and activities without any additional fees (all other activities). Only the activities with fees (horsemanship & trips) are required to be selected during registration because space is limited and these activities must be paid by credit card.  Any other activities at camp (archery, high ropes, riflery, crafts … etc. etc.) are selected by the camper on her first night at camp. Every camper chooses 4 activities at camp, if one of these was a pre-paid activity like horsemanship or a canoe trip, then the camper will choose only 3 more on the first night at camp.


5. Do you post camper photos during the week?

Yes, Mt. Gilead uploads thousands of photos a summer in private galleries that are emailed directly to families and not seen anywhere else online. Once a family receives their photo album link for the week, they can re-check daily to see new uploads and even revisit the gallery throughout the year after camp is over. Photo albums are never deleted, and the links remain active indefinitely.  

For Health and Safety Questions: Please see our Health and Safety Page

Other Popular Questions:

What kind of bathing suit can my daughter wear to camp?

Out of respect for the different ages and backgrounds of our campers, Mt. Gilead is a bikini free zone! We ask parents to send their daughters to camp with a one-piece bathing suit or tankini.


Calling Home

We would never keep your camper from calling home in a stressful situation at camp if we felt it was important (unless a parent requests otherwise during registration). Parents are always contacted in medical situations and before campers are able to call home for various other reasons. In other words, we will call you before your child calls you.

Do boys work in the summer camp program?

Not in the same sense that you will find at other summer camps, and this makes Mt. Gilead unique from various other all-girls summer camps. The exception of boys at camp would be part-time maintenance help for cutting the grass, etc.. (typically on weekends when camp is out of session) and the Executive Director of Mt. Gilead who handles maintenance oversight and vital office work during camp. Neither of these male positions are directly involved with camper supervision or running of programs.


Does the ministry have a Statement Of Faith?

Yes, we do! Our Statement of Faith can be found here: https://www.mtgileadcamp.org/statement-of-faith/


Remaining Parent Concerns.

We understand that there can be concerns from parents regarding recent emotional stress at home, possible bullying at school, or fears of embarrassing situations at camp like bed-wetting or from possible physical or emotional disorders. For this reason, we have online forms available to parents during the online registration process. This gives you the option to prepare our staff, and potentially your child’s counselor (with parent permission), for your camper’s week here at camp. Our staff are trained to not only let your child have a great week but to protect and encourage your child in areas where it’s most needed. This is a benefit of having a highly selected staff combined with a moderately-sized summer camp. We will work with you on setting up the right situation for your camper in regards to potentially embarrassing situations or situations where a camper could feel lonely or isolated. No one is left out at Mt. Gilead, we strive to encourage every camper to be herself, and with highly organized daily activities and a ratio of 1 staff member to every 4 campers, our camp structure leaves no room for children to feel un-supported or not included.


Who’s in charge of the Camp? Who owns it?

What makes Mt. Gilead unique is that it is not owned by anyone or any family. Mt. Gilead is not a business, it’s a mission-focused ministry with the ultimate goal of encouraging girls in their walk through life and in Christ. Mt. Gilead Camp is a 501C3 registered non-profit that is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board meets several times a year to monitor the progress and direction of the ministry which is handled on a daily basis by the Executive Director. All board positions are on a volunteer basis only, so no board member receives compensation for their time. Mt. Gilead has approximately 50 female staff and volunteers each summer. The Executive Director runs the day to day operations for the ministry as a whole, while the Summer Camp Director oversees the daily operations for the all-girls camp program each summer.