Campers In Leadership Training

CILT starts every November and is for campers in 10th grade or higher. 

Campers in Leadership Training (CILT) is a leadership program designed for girls entering into their final years of high school. CILT begins at home during the fall season (campers must be in grade 10 or higher to begin CILT at home in the fall).

Why grade 10 or higher? Grades 10 – 12 are the years where campers often feel they are becoming too old for camp, but are still too young to serve as summer camp counselors. We feel this time of “limbo” is a crucial time in a young woman’s life since the world is often bombarding this generation with pressures on how to dress, how to act and what to believe through social media, TV, school, and peers. CILT is an accountability program as much as it is a discipleship program, and every CILT has a designated mentor at home, as well as at camp, who will be staying in contact with them throughout the year.

The CILT program is designed as an encouraging community of like-minded Christian campers and staff who want to challenge each other to dig deeper into God’s word and grow in their relationship with Him. The program offers girls the opportunity to stretch and challenge themselves through a structured program that holds campers accountable during their time both at camp and at home.

Read Our Focus to learn more about the heart of Mt. Gilead and why we believe so much in our CILT program. 


Young ladies entering 10th grade are eligible to enroll in CILT I every November after school season is underway. During the school year, CILTs are working on requirements, developing a resource file, and preparing for the busy summer ahead. Once CILTs arrive at camp in June, they will prepare to embark on a trip that will change their lives forever. CILTs, their instructor, and other qualified personnel will leave for a week-long outdoor living experience, typically backpacking and/or canoeing along the Deleware River. CILTs will experience first-hand God’s awesome creation and learn important lessons in teamwork and communication. Once the CILTs return to camp their second week of training consists of working with a cabin, leading activities, songfests, service hours, Bible study and CILT class.

An optional International Leadership Development Trip (LDT) is offered every two years for both CILT 1 & 2 Campers


After the first summer wraps up, CILTs are anxious to continue their training and get started on their second-year requirements. CILT 2 begins as soon as CILT I ends. Then the summer begins with three weeks of training. CILT 2 participants are required to attend our staff training week, otherwise known as “Pre-Camp”. During this week, CILTs will have the opportunity to see the workings behind camp, as friendships develop, activities are planned, staff are trained and duties are assigned. For CILT II’s who plan to work for Mt. Gilead following graduation, they will also have the opportunity to earn certifications in Lifeguarding, CPR and First Aid. The second week of CILT is filled with training in their areas of specialties, Bible study, outdoor skills, and camp service hours. Finally, the third week of training arrives when CILTs get to put all their knowledge into practice when they live-in with a cabin for a full week under the supervision of another counselor. Upon successful completion of all the requirements, CILTs will have a graduation ceremony at the end of the second week of camp, parents and extended family are all invited!

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