Camper Aide Program

The Camper Aide Program is available for campers ages 12 and up.

A limited number of campers at Mt. Gilead Camp over 12 years of age enrolling in Regular Weeks have the opportunity to volunteer 20% of their day in the dining hall for a 15% discount off of their Regular Week Fee of $475.

Camper Aides volunteer in the dining hall daily as follows:

1. 30 minutes after Breakfast

2. 30 minutes before and after Lunch

3. 30 minutes before and after Dinner

A total of 2.5 hours per day.

The volunteer time is split up so that campers do not miss out on any of the camp activities. Camper aides set tables before meals and help clean up the dining hall after meals. Volunteer time is very light work, mostly sweeping floors or distributing silverware. Oftentimes campers are sent back to cabins early and are never required to work over canoe trips or on hike night. Camper Aides do not volunteer the first dinner or the last breakfast of every week – so in the end, volunteer time is 10.5 hours total.

The total cost of camp per week is currently $475.00, the camper aide discount is $71.25 off per week. The camper aide program can be used for multiple weeks, and even for the entire summer. Space is limited. 

**There is no discount for weekend stay-over fees because there is no volunteering needed on weekends.**

**The discount is not applied to extra activity costs such as canoe trips or horsemanship.**

**The discount is not available for special equestrian weeks**