Health and Safety

Health & Comfort

Mt. Gilead has a camp nurse on staff 24/7 during the summer camp season.

Mt. Gilead Counselors and Leadership Staff are certified in Red Cross CPR & First Aid, and about half of our camp staff are additionally certified in Red Cross Lifeguarding. 

Your camper’s comfort, privacy, and safety are our top priority, and we spend ample time training our staff and gaining parent feedback before your camper ever arrives at Mt. Gilead. As a parent, you will have the opportunity to tell us everything about your camper via our Parent Forms available to you during your registration process. You will then have the opportunity to approve who you would like us to share that information with, and what actions you would like us to take as a result.

In the case of an emergency or injury, parents are always contacted right away via their home & cell phones while the child is being treated.


All medications (other than inhalers) are locked up, dispersed, monitored and documented by the camp nurse daily. Parents will submit this information on their medical form when registering online. EpiPens are kept with your camper’s counselor at all times. Our camp nurse will review your camper’s medical information with parents on arrival, clarifying all instructions and dosages. 



At Mt. Gilead, we invest heavily in your child’s safety at camp and have one of the highest staff to camper ratios at 1 Staff member to every 6 Campers. 

Red Cross Lifeguarding: Mt. Gilead is a registered Red Cross Lifeguard Training location. We train our own lifeguards (and sometimes other camps as well) on-site annually in CPR, First Aid, and Water Rescues. This allows us to have the majority of our staff trained for any medical emergency, at any time. Counselors unable to be trained as a red cross certified lifeguard receive CPR and First Aid training separately before camp begins.

Fire Safety: Mt. Gilead uses an outside agency to annually fill, check, and certify it’s fire extinguishers which are located in every one of our buildings. All Staff are trained in emergency fire situations during our pre-camp staff training week.

High Ropes Safety: Mt. Gilead uses an outside ACCT Accredited agency to train and certify all of our high ropes instructors and staff. All staff are over 21 years of age and must pass a physical and written test before working on our ropes course. The ropes, harnesses, helmets, platforms and cables in our ropes course are inspected annually by an outside agency, monthly by a certified PA Ride Inspector, and every time we use the course by our own certified staff. In addition, Mt. Gilead’s ropes course is monitored by the PA Department of Agriculture, which also monitors and regulates amusement rides in Pennsylvania.

Riflery Safety: Mt. Gilead uses an outside National Rifle Association trainer to train, test and certify all of our riflery instructors. All staff are over 21 years of age and must pass a physical and written test before leading riflery activities. All rifles used in our riflery program are 22 caliber.

Food Safety: Mt. Gilead has a ServSafe certified employee on hand at all times monitoring our kitchen and food prep. Mt. Gilead’s kitchen is also monitored and inspected by the PA Department of Health and awarded a certificate of operation annually.

Water Safety: Mt. Gilead’s drinking water is tested every morning by kitchen staff, in addition, the drinking water, swimming pool & swimming pond is tested weekly by the state of Pennsylvania (Department of Health). Lifeguards also run a swimming pool chloring/PH test every hour before campers can begin swimming. 

Camper Safety: Although camp is a great place to break out of the normal day to day routine and try new, fun and adventurous activities, Mt. Gilead has rules too! On the first day of camp, we explain to every camper the different rules and procedures at camp, which are in place to keep them safe. Counselors take responsibility to make sure campers are following the guidelines put in place. Division Directors make sure that counselors are making sure that campers are staying safe. Assistant Directors and Camp Directors will make sure that DD’s and Counselors are doing their job as well.

Staff Hiring & Background Checks: Mt. Gilead has a an excellent counselor return rate, therefore many of our counselors are returning from previous years … and we love it this way! The majority of new and returning counselors are former campers or family of camp Alumni. When Mt. Gilead does need to hire first-year counselors, our first step is to ask for a referral from our current or past counselors. We know that our seasoned counselors understand our program and our culture best, and they are the best recruiters! Any new staff member at Mt. Gilead goes through a detailed hiring process that averages several weeks from start to finish. All staff are interviewed, social media profiles are reviewed, applications with testimonies must be submitted, and references are called. When a new camp position needs to be staffed, we advertise at local Christian Colleges for those job openings (when not obtained through an internal referral). All staff must agree with our statement of faith and obtain three background clearances before employment can begin. Each staff member, no matter the position or title, must obtain a Child Abuse Clearance, a Criminal History Clearance, and an FBI fingerprint clearance.

Ministry Safe – Camper Protection: Mt. Gilead Camp has a stellar history in camper protection, and we pride ourselves in selecting the best staff and training our staff the best we can before your camper ever arrives. Part of this pre-camp training involves respecting the privacy of campers, awareness of camper to staff boundaries and procedures on protecting camper to camper interactions. We use Ministry Safe certified individuals and standards while training our staff. You can learn more about Ministry Safe here: http://ministrysafe.com/the-safety-system/. We encourage every parent to Google their prospective camp’s camper safety history online before registering.

High Ratio Staff to Camper Supervision: With a 1 to 5 staff/camper ratio, staff are not only supervising campers directly in their activities, but in other common areas of the property where campers historically interact unsupervised at many summer camps. These precautions include a staff member supervising every group bathroom and cabin during free-times, personal devotions and in the morning and evening while getting up and preparing for bed. This extra layer of staff supervision is what separates Mt. Gilead from many other camps. 

Security: Mt. Gilead is located on 200 acres of private property, with employees trained intentionally to create a secure and safe environment for your camper to be herself. No one is allowed on or off the property without approval or invitation. Once your camper arrives, we embrace the life of a “visitor-free” policy. No family members may pick up a camper without previous permission from the parent who registered or dropped off the child on the first day. State-issued ID will be used to identify the visitor or family member. A phone call will be made to the registering parent if any unapproved visitor arrives at camp. There are many details that go into our security plan for your camper, and if you have further questions, you may always contact us through our website.