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We're A Non-Profit
Why are we a non-profit? Because we feel a Christian camp is a mission field.

Studies show the impact summer camp can have in a young person’s life today has never been more desperately needed. Many teens today know they are addicted to their phones and social media, but lack the skills or opportunities to break their habits. This new cultural development is creating the most connected, yet loneliest generation we have ever seen in the United States. Many girls today live in constant comparison to one another, never feeling adequate or worth their true value. A week or more at Mt. Gilead Camp is an opportunity to leave the phone and media at home, make new, genuine friends, and meet God right in the middle of His creation. Girls leave Mt. Gilead knowing that they are wonderfully made and that their true value comes from God, and is in God alone. Our mission of keeping our camper tuition as low as possible every summer comes at a cost and we rely on support from churches, families, alumni, and friends like yourself to keep this “camper first” mission a reality.

The ultimate goal of Mt. Gilead Camp is to come alongside parents and churches to assist with teaching core values that young women must learn in order to make wise, biblically-centered decisions as they grow up in today’s culture. We put this mission first in everything we do, from staff hiring to staff training, to how we design our activities and bible study times at camp. A week at camp can change a life forever, that’s why Mt. Gilead offers scholarships to girls who could not otherwise afford a week at camp.

Our Scholarships

In Summer 2021, Mt. Gilead awarded over $8,000 in camper scholarships. This allowed girls who otherwise could not have attended a week at our Christ-centered camp to not only to see and feel the love and acceptance of our amazing staff, but to hear the life-saving message of Christ’s sacrificial love and desire to have a personal relationship with each one of us.

Our Current Needs

Mt. Gilead is a 501c3 non-profit organization and we rely on donations from supporters like you to help keep our summer camp tuition as affordable as possible while covering our annual operating budget, utility bills, property taxes, facility maintenance as well as our growing scholarship program. 

COVID-19 Financial Loss: In 2020, Mt. Gilead lost tens-of-thousands in annual income (due to canceled summer camp and retreat groups) which would annually go towards the items listed above. Any donation made towards our December Annual Appeal will help lessen the burden on our non-profit as we enter into 2022. We have set a goal of 30K in November/December, and we are praying we will surpass that. 

Physical Needs:

VEHICLES: Mt. Gilead is in need of a road worthy Pickup Truck, SUV or Minivan which would be used for staff to pickup building supplies, tow equipment, and for transportation purposes year-round.

Our Dedicated Staff & Mission

We hear from our parents year after year how amazing our staff members are. From our seasoned camp leadership to our youngest high school support staff, the love of Christ is represented daily to our young campers. At a crucial time in her life, the contagious love that a staff member exhibits at camp often reaches a young girl’s heart in a way no one else can. Sometimes young girls need to see God’s love outside of the distractions found at school and home, and sometimes they need to hear God’s promises affirmed from someone in addition to a pastor or parent.

Out of 50+ employment applications a year, Mt. Gilead will hire approximately 10 new staff members.  Our smaller size and high employee/volunteer return rate leads to a unified staff that breaks our young campers’ perceptions of how people compare, judge, and sometimes pressure each other on a daily basis. A week at Mt. Gilead is a week of acceptance, love, and ultimately, growth.

2021 Annual Appeal Letter

Dear Friends, 

Every year when I sit down to write our ministry’s annual appeal letter, I always read some of our past letters before I begin. I love to reflect on where we were a year ago, two years ago, or even ten years ago as a ministry. 

As we wrap up our 69th year in operation, all of our past updates tell a story of God’s provision, faithfulness, and blessings beyond our expectations. Last year at this time, we were in the midst of a pandemic, one that had canceled our summer camp sessions and our annual retreat groups for an entire fiscal year. Not knowing what God had in store for Mt. Gilead, we were in a place of unexpected vulnerability. We knew several Christian camps in our area that were hurting and even closing. All we could do was put our trust in God as we always have, giving Him the glory for everything good that our small ministry has ever accomplished, and giving Him our trust for the unknown future, whether it be short-lived or long-lived – all glory to God!

I know this desire to glorify and trust in the Lord mimics the heart of the small group of founders who, in 1952, visited this farm property that would one day become Mt. Gilead Camp. As our camp’s history says: “Before they drove away, they claimed the property in the name of Christ.” Although they did not know we would navigate a pandemic in 2020, I believe those individuals knew that trials would come our way and that God had a plan for our small ministry that He would see through no matter what.

I’m so happy to share with you that Summer 2021 was once again an amazing, safe, camper-packed summer, filled with laughter, bible studies, and friendships (new and re-united). We were once again blessed by a fantastic staff led by our wonderful Summer Camp Director Mary Ellen Borrell. We once again saw lives changed as well as provisions and facility improvements we never imagined seeing at camp. We are so thankful that God has a plan for Mt. Gilead Camp, and I am honored to have once again witnessed God’s unbelievable provision for this special place.

Every December, I ask camp families, alumni, and friends like you to support us in meeting our annual financial operating needs. Your support is not only an encouragement, but will allow us to continue serving our campers and guests with great Christ-centered programming in 2022. It will also help us cover all of our propane, electricity, insurance, maintenance bills, and property taxes that lay ahead this coming year. Every donation counts, no matter the size! 

2 Peter 1:3 says: His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness. My prayer is that as you reflect upon your life this past year, you will see provisions from God you did not expect and that your coming year is lived with the knowledge that God’s plan is at work in your life! Thank you for being a part of our family, and thank you for your love and support!  

In Christ,

Adam Todd,  Executive Director

The December 2021 "Gilead Greeter".

Please Consider Monthly Giving

Please pray and consider investing monthly into the lives of all those who will be touched by the ministry of Mt. Gilead this coming year. By giving monthly in 2022, you will be a vital, on-going part of God’s plan for the future of this dedicated ministry and the individuals who attend our programming.

Regular monthly donations reduce administrative time and costs, allowing your generous gifts to go even further, and enabling us to budget for repairs and maintenance. Please consider becoming a monthly supporter, no matter the size of the gift.

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