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Specify Your Donation

From this page, you can donate towards a specific project, scholarship or individual’s fundraising needs.

This can include a staff member’s support raising needs, a camper’s mission trip cost, a specific scholarship account or a capital project at Mt. Gilead Camp. You will need to enter your specified purpose on the following page before submitting your donation.

Because of you, in 2019 …

Because of your prayers and financial support …

Several young ladies committed their lives to Christ this summer, and many others recommitted their lives to Him!

Because of your dedication and giving …

25 partial scholarships were made possible for campers who could not otherwise have afforded a week at camp!

220 volunteer hours were given towards facility maintenance and annual programs!

Your recent support of this ministry is the reason …

Mt. Gilead has touched the lives of thousands; parents, children, families, and friends. Chances are you know someone who has been impacted by the ministry of Mt. Gilead Camp and Conference.

Please join us as we raise the funds towards our 2019/20 operating expenses.

Mt. Gilead is in great need of one-time and monthly financial gifts in order to cover our utilities, taxes and maintenance costs for this coming year.

Please Consider Monthly Giving

Please pray and consider investing monthly into the lives of all those who will be touched by the ministry of Mt. Gilead this coming year. By giving monthly in 2018/19, you will be a vital, on-going part of God’s plan for the future of this dedicated ministry and the individuals who attend our programming.

Regular monthly donations reduce administrative time and costs, allowing your generous gifts to go even further, and enabling us to budget for repairs and maintenance. Please consider becoming a monthly supporter, no matter the size of the gift.