CAMPERS | 7 Things Your Counselors Want you to Know In Summer 2020

Hi there campers! Although life has looked very different for everyone during the past few months, we hope that you’ve been staying safe and healthy. Quarantine life has all sorts of quirks to it, so I’m sure it’s taken a while to adjust to this different way of living. To top it all off, you recently found out that all weeks of camp have been canceled. 

We want you to know that we are so sad that we can’t be with you and we are grieving too…We love camp just as much as you! But even though camp is canceled and we have some sad emotions going on right now, hope is not lost! 

We love you very much and have a few things we want you to know…

We Miss You and are Thinking About You.

  • “Even though we currently aren’t seeing campers, the Mt. Gilead staff has not forgotten about you! We are still here thinking and praying of you every day! “ – Griffin 
  • “Summer is not the same not being at Mt. Gilead with all the staff, activities, and campers! …While I’ve been home I’ve been having bonfires, going on hikes, cooking (I wish it was outdoor cooking haha), and doing some crafts that remind me of camp!” – Kori
  • “Although camp is closed and we cannot see each other in person, we are still thinking about each and every camper and miss them so so much!! “ – Mara

We are Praying for You.

  • “ We are praying for you and your families and are waiting excitedly for whenever we may be able to see you again! “ – Mara
  • “God has a plan for your summer and that we are praying for you!” – Hazel
  • “You may not realize it but I remember a lot of you!! Each week when I would have new campers I would write the names in my planner. Now I can go back through the pages and pray for you!” – Phoebe

Remember the Lessons You Learned at Mt. Gilead.

  • “God isn’t just at camp, He is everywhere and has a plan for us during this tough time.” – Penny
  • “Even in this time filled with change and uncertainty, God loves YOU with an indescribably amazing and deep love, and that love for you will never change and it will never fail.” – Kitti
  • Camp may be closed, but I want to encourage all of us (myself included!) to take a page from camp’s book, put away the distractions, and live in the moment a little… Your worth is not determined by how productive you are or how many TikToks you make or how many new skills you pick up in quarantine.” – Violet
  • “Also, hydrate or diedrate still applies.” – Sage

Bring Some Camp Fun to Your Home.

  • “You can still sing camp songs, hike big hills, have devos, and hop/slop/scrape at home–and trust me, we are doing all that too!” – Radley
  • “Live in the moment, serve someone in your community, don’t be afraid to ask for help, watch the sunset at a park, and learn to juggle. :)” – Sage
  • “You can get outside and enjoy nature, you can make some crafts that you may have learned in nature class with your family! There’s always something you can find to do to keep you busy and to enjoy the time stuck at home.” – Scarlet
  • “Grab a prayer journal and a lawn chair and talk to God. Run through a sprinkler. Have fun!” – Violet

We are Still Here for You, it Just Looks Different!

  • “We miss camp just as much as you do and will do our best to bring it to you either virtually or if you want to write letters, etc” – Radley
  • “I really hope that you all watch the Mt. Gilead At Home videos because we have a lot of fun and awesome videos and activities planned for all campers! “ – Kori
  • “We are still a Mt. Gilead family who cares for one another.” – Penny
  • “Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your counselors if you need anything! We are here for you and we love you!” – Peli

Keep Your Chin Up.

  • “Remind yourself – Attitude check? PRAISE THE LORD! :)” – Radley
  • “Our greatly anticipated plans for the spring and summer may have been thwarted, but take this opportunity to find joy in the small things.” – Sage
  • “Have fun with what you’re doing! We can’t do much to change what’s happening in the world during these times but we can enjoy it and have fun with those that we love.” – Scarlet
  • “We know it’s hard to stay at home during these times, but remember to keep your trust in God. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!” – Griffin

 Make Time for What’s Important.

  • “Even though we won’t all be at camp together, we can still worship God, learn about God, and sing camp songs every day! “ – Penny
  • “There are still many ways to strengthen your faith despite quarantine! Although we aren’t able to physically attend church, we can make more time for quiet time with God, or stay connected with camp friends and our fellowship.” – Lori
  • “Keep digging into God’s Word and seeking Him in everything you say and do! He is in control and is completely sovereign!” – Peli

There you have it my dear Gilead Girls. We love you the MOST and are counting down the days until we can see you again! Until then, don’t forget to participate in Mt. Gilead @ Home. We can’t wait to hear from you!



P.S.  Scuttle says that Bosco the Bear has moved into Cherokee because of the emptiness at camp and that Mt. Gilead is a camp for bears now… We need you back ASAP! 

7 Things Your Counselors Want you to Know While Camp is Canceled
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7 Things Your Counselors Want you to Know While Camp is Canceled

Hi, I'm Wren! Summer 2019 was my first year at Mt. Gilead Camp and immediately I fell in love with the campers and staff while counseling. Mt. Gilead is such a beautiful ministry that I am honored to be a part of. I just graduated from Indiana University South Bend in May and will (Lord willing) be teaching high school math in August. I love the outdoors, people, music, and ice cream! I hope to see you all in person next summer!

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