Day 2 – Preparation

Wednesday morning, we woke up to beautiful Lake Nicaragua. Campo Alegria is right on the water and has a stunning view of Ometepe Island, which has two volcanos, La Conception and Maderas. After personal devotion, we met our cook, Rosa, who made us an amazing breakfast of rice and beans, plátanos-maduros, fried cheese, and the best pineapple we’ve ever had! After breakfast, we had group devotions and then went straight into organizing all our supplies for camp.

Everyone had brought down school supplies in their luggage to give away to the girls, along with what we needed to run camp. After sorting everything out, we broke up into groups to learn the different activities we would be leading. Our translators learned the activities they would be helping translate and then taught us Father Abraham and This Little Light of Mine in Spanish so we could sing it with the kids.

Some of us caught on faster than others, but it was a lot of fun to learn! After we were done getting everything set up it was time to rest as we were still pretty tired from traveling. Some of us took a nap while others went for a swim or explored camp. Molly Schmit and Erin Murphy were both very excited to see horse-drawn carts going down the beach and kept trying to befriend any horse they saw…I don’t think they ever succeeded. Before supper a group went for a walk down the dirt road that leads to camp. It was a very peaceful walk with pasture on both sides, with cows and goats grazing. After supper, we had group prayer and more free time.

A group decided to play soccer in the dining hall, and in an intense moment of “Monkey in the Middle” sent the soccer ball sailing through the window. Luckily, windows in Nicaragua aren’t like ours and it was an easy fix! Not to be outdone, some of the girls sitting outside talking found a scorpion trying to cozy up next to them! We called it an early night and headed to bed so we would be ready for the girls coming tomorrow!

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