Day 5 – Explore Nicaragua

The next day, started with a yummy breakfast of…you guessed it…rice and beans! After group devotionals and praying for the girls who came to camp. We were able to go to the girls’ village and see if anyone was out and about. We saw several of the girls and were able to say hello, give them a hug, and leave them with a small gift. It was really fun to be able to see where the girls lived and what their houses were like. After visiting with the girls we drove to the nearest town, Rivas. There we went to a local market where the locals buy their food and supplies. Here we walked through the twisting paths seeing meat hanging, tortillas being made over a fire, and lots of fruits & veggies, among plenty of other goods for sale. One of us even got to hold a small parrot! Afterwards, we went to San Juan Del Sur, a popular beach location, where we enjoyed lunch with a beautiful view of the ocean, swimming and walking on the beach. It was a relaxing day and so fun to experience their culture.

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