Day 4 – Camp Wraps Up

The next day, we rotated with the same four activities: swimming, free time, and one last bible study. After a yummy lunch of fried chicken and gallo pinto, we had free time with the girls, which they seemed to love. Some wanted to swim, while others wanted to do their nails and make bracelets. It was the perfect time to relax and enjoy being with them! The last festivity before they went home was a pinata. They got so excited to both hit the pinata and gather the candy afterward. They cheered each other on and kept yelling “higher” or “lower” when they would swing. One girl kept making everyone laugh because she would grab all the candy and shove it in her pockets, and then strut around with it hanging out. Once the pinata was over it was time for the girls to go back to their village. As they piled into the back of the pickup truck, we handed them a bag full of school supplies, candy, and a Spanish Bible.

The girls seemed genuinely happy but sad to leave as they waved goodbye. Although it was a short time, it felt like we had known the girls for a long time. We crammed a lot into the two days they were there and were able to impact their lives in a positive way. After the girls left, we had a group meeting and shared our “highs and lows.” It was fun to hear funny stories of things that had happened, but most of all, it was really neat to hear how the girls had impacted us. So many of us were touched by their kindness and desire to share what little they had with us. Their smiles and laughter will always be a special memory! Once our meeting was over, we cleaned up and put camp back in order before heading into town for dinner. We ate outside at a local restaurant, where they brought us platters to sample different meats, cheese, plantains, and salsas. It was all delicious! We had a great time, and it was a lot of fun to get out and see more of Nicaragua.  

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