“I sent my older daughter to Mt. Gilead Camp two years ago. She loved it so much and decided to join their leadership training program. She has now graduated from the program and will serve as a counselor herself this summer.” – Camper Parent (Google Reviews)

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Campers In Leadership Training (CILT) is a two year program with emphasis on supervised leadership training and personal spiritual growth. These ladies will be challenged in ways they never dreamed possible and grow in knowledge, skills and confidence throughout the program. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be encouraged to join our staff. This intense program will prepare young women not only to serve at camp, but in their schools, churches, communities and throughout the world.


CILTYoung ladies entering 11th grade are eligible to enroll in CILT I. During the school year, CILTs are working on requirements, reading books, developing a resource file, and preparing for the busy summer ahead. Once CILTs arrive at camp, they will prepare to embark on a trip that will change their lives forever. CILTs, their instructor, and other qualified personnel will leave for a week long outdoor living experience, typically backpacking and/or canoeing. CILTs will experience first hand God’s awesome creation and learn important lessons in teamwork and communication. Once the CILTs return to camp their second week of training consists of working with a cabin, leading activities, songfests, service hours, Bible study and CILT class.


DSC_8332There is no break! (Who wants one anyway?!) The CILTs are anxious to continue their training and get started on their second year requirements. CILT II begins as soon as CILT I ends. CILTs are given their second year books to read, their extensive list of requirements, and with their new network of fellow CILTs, instructor and their mentor, they are ready to begin. One of the most unique features of our CILT II program is the use of a mentor. Each CILT chooses a mentor. Someone who will pray with them, guide, encourage, challenge and keep the CILT accountable throughout the year. The mentor and CILT will share thoughts and ideas on Bible Study methods by Rick Warren. Then the summer begins with three weeks of training. CILT II participants are required to attend our staff training week, otherwise known as Pre-Camp. During this week, CILTs will have the opportunity to see the workings behind camp, as friendships develop, activities are planned, staff is trained and duties are assigned. They will also have the opportunity to earn certifications in Lifeguarding, CPR, First Aid, and AED. The second week of CILT is filled with training in their areas of specialty, Bible study, CILT classes, and camp service hours. Finally, the third week of training arrives when CILTs get to put all their knowledge into practice when they live-in with a cabin for a full week under the supervision of another counselor. Upon successful completion of all the requirements CILTs will have a graduation ceremony and are welcomed onto our staff!


We encourage our CILTs to return the following summer after completing the program even if it is only for 1 week. It is exciting to see God working in these young women and see the skills and talents that they bring to the Kingdom.


Starts in September. You must be entering 10th or 11th grade
Follower of Jesus Christ
Have previously been a Gilead camper or a camper at another summer camp
Commitment of attendance to all training weeks of the program
Pre-payment is required

Successful completion of CILT I with favorable recommendations
Commitment of attendance to all training weeks of the program
Commitment to return for at least 1 week the following summer
Pre-payment is required

International Leadership Development Trips



Introducing our campers to International Missions.

We have our optional annual winter Leadership Development Trip (LDT) strategically positioned between the years of CILT I and CILT II. We know that serving those less fortunate is not only the lifestyle modeled by Christ, but is also crucial in developing a young person’s walk with the Lord.

At Mt. Gilead Camp, we expose students to global needs and opportunities, while challenging them to live as Christ has called them, both at home and abroad. Campers return from our International LDTs with a greater appreciation for what they have and a better understanding of how they can be used by God. In the time of life when campers are preparing to leave for college or jobs, this type of experience and knowledge can be life changing. An LDT is a time of unplugged service, reflection and growth, without the distractions of texting, phone calls, watching tv or posting to social media.