Located on 175 acres of woods bordering Big rockjumpPocono State Park, Mt. Gilead has numerous ways to experience nature first-hand. With endless possibilities to hike and explore, camp offers a little bit of something for everyone. Campfire dinners every Monday, a hike to the top of Big Pocono State Park on Wednesdays and Friday canoe trips down the Delaware River are just some of the fun campers experience!



Want some serious outdoor adventures? Our CILT Program (Campers In Leadership Training) is like no other. Once CILTs arrive at camp, they will prepare to embark on a trip that will change their lives forever. CILTs, their instructor, and other qualified personnel will leave for a week long outdoor living experience, typically backpacking and/or canoeing. CILTs will experience first hand God’s awesome creation and learn important lessons in teamwork and communication. Once the CILTs return to camp, their second week of training consists of working with a cabin, leading activities, service hours and bible study. Young ladies in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade are eligible to enroll in CILT.

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