Role Models

We believe that meaningful relationships are the most important tool we have in shaping lives for and by Christ.  It is within the one-on-one friendships and interactions with their counselors that campers are able to see and witness the tangible love of Jesus.  Our counselors come alongside campers to listen, mentor and model what it looks like to passionately follow Jesus Christ.  These authentic relationships, set in the unique and fun context of camp, creates an environment ripe for life-changing experiences.

Mt. Gilead hires an all-female staff to run its summer camp program. The minimum requirement for working as a first-year senior counselor at Mt. Gilead is to have your freshman year of College completed. The exception to this rule will be our senior high school staff who have graduated our two-year Leadership Training Program who may serve as co-counselors in training for some of our youngest campers.

Most of our summer camp staff are former campers, and 95% of our annual summer staff are returning employees.

More questions about our staff and hiring practices? We recommend reading our Parent Questions & Info Page Here.

Working At Mt. Gilead

Staff2If you are a devoted Christian woman who enjoys the outdoors, working with youth, and would like to grow in your own walk with Christ this coming summer, consider becoming a part of the Mt. Gilead Summer Camp staff!

The most effective way to reach young women in our society is to be a living example. In a world that would like them to believe that image is everything and peer pressure is paramount, we look to offer the truth that Christ is everything and obedience to His Word is paramount. In a world where faith is undermined and hope is hard to find, and where “love” is seldom true, we seek to live the reality that all three are more than just words; they do exist, and can be found abundantly in a relationship with God. Through our day-in and day-out living, from meals to activities to devotions, from the way we treat one another to the way we dress, we have a unique opportunity: to show that Christ, and everything He is, is real!

If you have a heart for the Word, and a desire to serve God with your whole heart, mind, and soul in a ministry that reaches girls of all ages, then we hope you will apply and join us this coming summer!