Campers can choose to either ride as a daily activity along with their other activities, or dedicate their entire week to riding by choosing an EQ Week when registering. Campers enrolled in the horsemanship program ride every day. First timers can begin learning the basics of walking, posting and trotting while more advanced riders focus on cantering and jumping. Mt. Gilead’s wooded property offers trail riding terrain for both beginners and advanced riders. Instructors work one on one with each camper challenging them to step out of their comfort zone while maintaining a safe and fun atmosphere.

Regular Horsemanship

Horseback riding is available for all ages and skill levels from the beginner to the advanced rider, as new skills are learned and others mastered. Classes are arranged according to experience and ability. English style horseback riding is taught by our qualified and caring staff. Campers will ride for 50 minutes each day, Monday through Friday.

Pre-registration and payment required.
No experience necessary

Equestrian Week

Available as a specialty week, EQ week is for campers entering 8th through 12th grade who want to live and breathe horses the entire week of camp! These campers will not select other daily activities but will be doing horse related activities and chores in addition to extended periods of riding. Campers participating in the EQ program will rise early and before breakfast help to gather, groom, feed the horses, and complete other chores that go along with caring for a horse. A horse show will conclude the week on Saturday morning at 10 AM. All are invited to witness the exciting progress and skills these campers have mastered this week.

Equestrian Week is for the intermediate rider. Campers will learn to canter and begin jumping. In addition to furthering their riding skills, and learning care and stable management, there will be guest speakers who will share about their careers and vocations relating to horses.

trailridingPrerequisites – EQ I (Intermediate):
Camper must be entering 8th through 12th grade
Must be secure at a posting trot and ready to canter
Pre-registration and payment is required.
Advanced Beginner & Intermediate riders
Good control at a walk, trot, and posting trot