PARENTS: Daughters on the Straight and Narrow

One of my Bible-X lessons that I have rotated through my years of counseling is titled “Famous for Christ”. We study various women in the Bible and throughout history who have made their mark based on their love and service for the Lord. I then challenge my campers (and myself) to evaluate their perspective about what their goals and desires are. Whether they want to be known for their accomplishments, which will ultimately pass away, or for their faith in Jesus Christ, which will never fail?

While accomplishments, goals, and success is not bad, it is highly revered in Western culture and can easily become an idol. I also don’t want you to get the impression that I am telling campers to follow Jesus just for notability. The idea behind “Famous for Christ” is that girls place their relationship with God so highly above any other thing in their life that it is undeniable that their life is for the glory and service of Christ. 

In a society that teaches and promotes such opposite beliefs than Christianity, it is important that parents and the Church are guiding children to be holy and set apart, as God calls us to be, from the rest of the world. 

These two articles address specific cultural topics that are misguiding your daughters off “the straight and narrow”. As a parent, you’re the key influencer in your daughter’s life; instill in them to see their worth through God’s eyes and to hold their faith in Christ as the center of their life. So that in this jaded world they may be known for the way they love others and love God. 

“A Different kind of Daughter” by Carol Mahaney

“5 Lies That Can Destroy Your Daughter” by Jessie Minassian

Whether you have girls or boys, root your parenting in Jesus Christ. Ed Stetzer is the Executive Director of the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center, professor and dean at Wheaton College Graduate School, and accomplished author and speaker. In an article posted by Christianity Today, Stetzer shares five different ways you can strengthen your parenting in a secularized culture.  

“The New Morality: Raising Kids in a Confused Culture” by Ed Stetzer

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