PARENTS: Raising Your Daughter(s)

Last spring I was talking with a friend and her mother about the American culture towards women and girls, mostly surrounding the sexualized and attention-seeking mindsets. While the details of that conversation are blurry, one thing she said remains with me: Psalm 144:12 “Then our sons in their youth will be like well-nurtured plants, and our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace”. Pillars that hold up palaces are often beautifully designed and decorated, but their purpose is so much greater than their appearance. Pillars need to be shaped, cut, precisely positioned, and made with strong material as they stand tall aside other pillars and withstand immense amounts of pressure. King David’s prayer is directly from the heart of God–to have daughters of the Kingdom strong, firm, valued, significant, and beautiful, from the inside-out. 

Shaping girls into godly pillars of society, the world, and the Church requires the teaching of biblical truth and the example of Christ.

In the articles below two mothers, respectively, share their experience raising daughters who are firm in faith and strong in truth. 

“Along The Way With Your Daughter” by Trish Donohue

“…God has sovereignly placed you in your daughter’s life to model, as her earthly father, her perfect heavenly Father. Fathers, your daughter needs you to stay close to her.” 

Bryan Stoudt

Girls of all ages need their mother’s example and guidance, but they also need their father’s love and presence.

“Dads Your Daughter Need You” by Bryan Stoudt

For more information and research on the effect that father-daughter relationships impact womens’ adulthood mindsets and behaviors take a look at the Institute of Family Studies

“How Dads Affect Their Daughters Into Adulthood” from the Institute of Family Studies

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