Wish You Were Here! | Mom/Daughter Weekend

Hi Ladies!

This weekend we would have been gathering together to make memories, grow in the Lord, and strengthen our relationships with our daughters. It is disappointing that we will not be able to get together, as usual, this year. I will miss s’mores and donuts cooked over the fire, tacos (… wow, a lot of things I’m going to miss seem to be food-based..) but also the crafts, activities, and most of all the time shared together building relationships with one another and our daughter(s).

Even though missing out on these things feels like a loss to us, I believe this unexpected pause button in life can be a hidden blessing. It has opened up time for walks, games, movie nights, laughter, and uninterrupted talks together. Even though we cannot meet together, I want to encourage you to use this time you had set aside effectively in your relationship with your daughter. Take the time this weekend to go for a walk, paint each other’s nails, or bake something together! 

  One resource I have really enjoyed this year is doing a Mom & Daughter Journal with my girls. It is a fun way to ask each other questions and get to know your daughter better. Also, Here Is An Article that I hope you will find helpful in remembering to point our daughters towards Christ and His truth. 

Below are some crafts and a campfire recipe that you can do at home with your girls together this weekend to bring a little bit of Mt.Gilead Camp to you!  

My family and I will miss you all this weekend, but I know our time together next year will be even sweeter and we are looking forward to that!  

In Him, Rachel Todd

*Bring a little taste of camp in your own home by making S’macos! They are always a camp favorite and you can make them over a fire, on your grill, or even in your oven! 

Get messy, get creative, and spend some quality time with your girl(s) making these crafts! 

*Remember This 2016 Craft? The theme was Fearfully and Wonderfully made. We had an art party and this craft was so fun! I remember we had hair dryers plugged in every outlet we had available! 

Here are some ideas for making your own Homemade Wind Chime.

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