Mealtimes are important at Mt. Gilead Camp and they always start with a song and prayer. Campers enter the Dining hall to a family style meal with the food already waiting for them at their cabin’s table. Each counselor sits with their cabin as they eat. Dessert is served for both lunch and dinner.

Food is cooked fresh and served daily with nutrition in mind. At Mt. Gilead, the health and safety of our campers is a number one priority. Every meal comes with something children and teens love to eat with healthy options to create a well balanced meal.

At the end of each meal songs are sung as everyone helps clean up. Campers especially enjoy this and it’s one of the many memories that campers remember for years to come. It can be a little loud at times as they all join in singing and laughing!
Every Monday night each cabin has a cookout where they cook their own supper over a real campfire and then enjoy s’mores for dessert.  On Wednesday nights the whole camp hikes to Mt. Pocono and enjoys a picnic supper along with a beautiful view. Friday is Pizza in the Pavilion day where everyone gathers for a pizza and ice cream lunch at the outside pavilion! Our kitchen staff are more than willing to accommodate every camper’s dietary restrictions and food allergies.